My Mom could not believe I would buy a boat with holes in it.

“Does it float?” she said.

“Nope, not with the huge holes in the back of the boat where the motors used to be,” I said.

“It doesn’t have an engine?,” she asked.

“It had two but now it just has two holes where the propellers were,” I said.

“So how does it float?”

“It doesn’t.”

At this point I realized that what I have undertaken is a crazy venture.

Just look at this boat transom picture. How would I patch the holes in the hull? What kind of transom material is best? How does the transom attach to the fiberglass? And the core question, “How to reinforce a fiberglass boat transom?” I mean it just sits there attached to the sides. Really?

The answers are IDK. Really, I don’t.

I do know that I’m looking forward to getting started.

There are four great best videos I’ve seen on boat transom repair and reinforcing a fiberglass boat transom. They inspired me to embrace the fear, buy the boat and get moving:

Check the next post for my cutting diagram.

One thought on “Transom Project”

  1. Such an interesting story to read and follow! I have been into boating for 15 years now but I would never do something ike you. You should be a crazy man lol (jk). I own a web directory about boats. Would you mind if I add your story to my directory so more people would find out about it?

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